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Grand Opening of SwayM.E. Vegas Home Decor for Purchase and Rentals.

Michelle Essix has just unveiled her home décor brand named “Sway ME”; her brand is the realization of Michelle’s style sense, creative flair and her penchant for premium supplies which she uses to create her home décor products. Each product that will be offered by the brand will be created with close attention to detail and ingenuity which allows each piece to stand alone as an impressive statement piece or work in a theme to create stylish home décor fit for any holiday or season.

According to the Sway ME website, since her youth, Michelle has realized that her passion was to design and share her beautiful products with others. Michelle wanted to show that creativity is alive and that with premium supplies her designs can show her passion.

“Every holiday can be decorated at an affordable rate. It could be some as simple as a wreath for the front door, or a household full of holiday cheer” said Michelle.

The season of spring is here, which also a great time for an awakening from the winter chill and blues and welcome spring sun and spring blooms while preparing for the invigorating season of summer that lies ahead. The start of the years and the spring season also beckons a phase of home spring cleaning, remodeling and redecorating. Home stylists and decorators have been forecasting that the décor in the upcoming seasons and the year will be about hues of soft and cooler tones of colors. Subtle blues and pinks, complemented by softer shades of green will be will about reconnecting with the gentle side of nature. Sway ME decorators and home stylists share an insider secret that the simplest way of adding color and a change of mood to any room is possible even through slight changes in décor, such as adding a stylishly designed décor piece from Sway Me spring collection.

This décor tip works well for holiday decorating also. If storage is a problem for holiday décor, Sway ME offers a rental program suitable for all budgets.

About Us: Sway ME is a special niche within the Sway family because it is driven by the female backbone of the company. It is the only facet of the company that the founder of Sway Exec Holdings does not oversee because the passion and drive cannot be controlled in a corporate environment. Products and display ideas are visible on Pinterest, Etsy, and Swaybuy. Crafts can be purchased and/or you can rent them and you will become part of team Sway.

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

Have an Executive Designer make a Custom Piece for your Family. Lets take you to your unique experience!

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