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About M.E.

Sway M.E. is a special niche within the Sway family because it is driven by the female backbone of the company. It is the only facet of the company that the founder of Sway Exec Holdings does not oversee because the passion and drive can not be controlled in a corporate environment. Michelle was very young when she realized she wanted to design and share her beautiful products with others.  Michelle wanted to show that creativity is alive and that with premium supplies her designs can show her passion. Every holiday can be decorated at an affordable rate. It could be some as simple as a wreath for the front door, or a household full of holiday cheer. Home Decoration has been lost and unaffordable in Big Box stores, We have made custom Home Decoration’s affordable to the average Joe.   If storage is a problem in your Home Decoration dreams our rental program is great for all budgets. Products and display ideas are visible on Pinterest,  Etsy, and Facebook.   Crafts can be purchased and/or you can rent them and you will become part of team Sway. If you want to purchase any product seen on the website please follow the links to our Etsy Store.

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