4th of July Wreath Swag with Rockets, Stars and Bombs XL

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It’s an Explosion of Fireworks, Stars, Stripes and everything to celebrate the birth of this great nation!! ???????????
This wreath is filled with red, white and blue deco mesh. It is made on a pine swag and filled with lots of spirals in patriotic colors. It includes a large handmade bow featuring several patriotic ribbons with stars and stripes. This wreath features a sign in the middle that says Happy Fourth! It has lots of picks and sprays with spirals, stars and glittered balls. It addition there are two adorable “bombs” on the wreath complete with a silver tinsel fuse. This wreath measures 40 inches in length, 30 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth. This wreath would be amazing to showcase your patriotic pride!

This wreath is one of a kind!!

It is much more stunning in person as photos don’t do it justice! Just adorable to great your guests at the door

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

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