Christmas Wreath Candy Donut Elf

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Christmas Wreath Candy Donut Elf
What could be more magical for Christmas than elves and donuts? ???????? ???? This wreath is packed full of lots of them!! Created with a large RAZ donut and a whimsical elf, this wreath features deco mesh in the green, pink and white. It’s full of whimsy and candy goodness. There are pink and green glitter ball sprays, pink and green striped lollipops and candy canes, donuts sprays, ornaments, and so much more There is a handmade bow featuring 4 different wired ribbons, as well as ribbons and other sprays and picks placed throughout the wreath. This wreath measures 34 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 12 inches in depth.

All items are made in a smoke free, pet free home. I can customize your order if you are looking for something specific, please message me or post a comment here.

Thank you for shopping with Sway M.E Vegas.

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

Custom Design, Unique Experience!

Have an Executive Designer make a Custom Piece for your Family. Lets take you to your unique experience!

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